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titre confort

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Room name "Comfort" comprises three alternatives to be noted: the room Comfort 1 is furnished with a double bed and a shower, while the room Comfort 2 is rather equipped with a bath. A queen bed size and a bath compose the Comfort 3 room and two double bed in the comfort 4.

The room of the type "Comfort" all are in the same way decorated but for small subtle differences as for the colours, frames and paintings.

You have a comfortable couch to sit on in front of the television set. As for all the other rooms, they are kept in an impeccable state.


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Supreme title

The "Supreme" room is furnished with a Queen bed and a SWIRL bath. It is a "Suite" styled room and its surface is of course, larger than that of the "Comfort" rooms. The decoration and furniture are of traditional type of great quality.

A bathroom vaster than all the other rooms is at your disposal. Just like the other types of rooms, the colours, paintings, curtains are different from one room to another, but the room preserves an environment of great class.

The "Supreme" room is our most advantageous offer by far. Take good care of yourself for a very reasonable price!


Our rooms have...

Air conditioning Cable television
High speed Internet access (certain rooms)
Driers (certain rooms)
Balcony Mini bar