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Over and above a comfortable lodging, several other services are available to you at Auberge Montagnard to make your stay diverting and more pleasant.


The Bar/Pub

For cordial environment and evening of pleasure, pay a visit to our Bar/Pub facility! You may be assured that you will find all what is necessary to animate your evenings. Among others:

Video Poker
Signers - Thursday to Saturday : 9:30pm - 2:30am

An automatic wicket is also available to give you access to your bank account.

Karaoké Video Poker

Free continental breakfast

In the morning, we offer you, a very tasty menu. Come to satisfy your morning appetite in our cordial restaurant.

Picture of the pool

Swimming pool and Terrace

You have access to a superb swimming pool with a roomy terrace all around with a direct view on mount St-Hilaire.

Picture of the terrace
Photo de la piscine

Conference room

Our conference room is furnished with large tables and a high definition television set. Up to 45 people can comfortably sit down in this room. For those business meetings or conferences, or even for family reunions, this is just another option that you have at the auberge Montagnard.